My name is Daniel. I am the founder, owner, operator, marketing department, web designer, cook and the only photographer at DP Art Photography. This means you deal with me, and me alone. So there's no confusion about who will turn up to shoot your wedding or portrait session.

Why should you hire me?
I love taking photographs of people. That's it. It's that simple. Don't read on, contact me!

What qualifications do I have?
I have a University bachelor's degree in Design (Visual Communication) which more than qualifies me as a photographer. I learnt the 'old' way: using film and darkrooms which wasn't nearly as forgiving as the digital cameras professionals use now.

Composition, lighting and creating mood are all second nature to me thanks to my four years of study. What does this mean? It means I'll get your photos right, first time, without the need to fall back on technology to 'save' them.

When I'm not out photographing, I'm a proud dad to 2 boys. I'm a primary school teacher as well, which means I have formal clearance to work with children. It also means I have a few tricks that will keep kids still for 1/160th of a second so I can get that crucial photo!

Are you experienced?

I have shot over 30 weddings and 50 families (and counting) in the past 5 years. This number could have been higher, but I'm more of a quality over quantity person.